Ask Terry Questions Land ownership?

Land ownership?

By Terry Savage on July 18, 2019 | Financial Planning / Retirement

My husband passed away August of 2017. He didn’t have a will we just had a power of attorney for his health and he made me power of attorney for his property and everything on it.
He has 1 daughter, I would like to know if she and I split the property 50/50, or is it all mine? The property is in his name only.
Thank you

Terry Says

That depends on the laws in your state of residence.  What a shame he didn’t do some advance planning.  now you need an estate-planning attorney to guide you through probate court in your state.  And since he died “intestate” — without a will — the laws will apply.  That process will take time and cost legal fees.  To find an attorney with this specialty go to

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