Ask Terry Questions Late Federal Tax Refund

Late Federal Tax Refund

By Terry Savage on April 09, 2013 | Taxes & Economy

I efiled my taxes on March 13th, thru AARP, to have it direct deposited. I got my state refund but why is it taking this long for the federal? I have the same message when I go on their site. I only had a 1099 & unemployment to file. I am homeless and need the money like yesterday. Thank you and have been a big fan since you were a regular on NBC.

SAVAGE SAYS: There was a big snafu with the efile program. Here’s a link to the story: 846 They say they are about caught up! And have you checked out state programs for the homeless, or with your church If you’ve been a fan since those days, it means you are a senior citizen. And it’s terrible to think of you being homeless. In fact,? many seniors have homes they can no longer afford because of rising property taxes and utilities. Many could keep their homes if they could find a “roommate” or “renter” — But this can be a dangerous process, unless you go through a church group that will try to help with this new kind of “match-making” —



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