Ask Terry Questions Late on Property taxes

Late on Property taxes

By Terry Savage on May 31, 2018 | Housing / Real Estate

Hi terry my husband and I own a home in Illinois we have no mortgage our house is paid off, we have gotten behind on our property taxes what options do we have to pay them, we have a low credit score and are unable to get a loan to pay taxes off

Terry Says

You need to take prompt action or else you could find your home sold out from underneath you for the relatively small amount of property taxes you owe! You could lose all your equity. Immediately contact your county assessor’s office to find out the status of your situation. If you live in Cook County contact attorney Andrea Raila via this email: Andrea A. Raila Perhaps she can help you deal with this situation, possibly by finding exemptions (like the senior exemption) which you forgot to apply for, or by appealing your assessment. But get started NOW!

If you really can’t come up with the money, you will be better off selling the home than letting it go to a tax foreclosure sale. At least you’ll get the cash, instead of giving some scavenger a deal. I hope I’m clear on this: Don’t delay another minute!



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