Ask Terry Questions Living Trust Savings Bonds Limit

Living Trust Savings Bonds Limit

By Terry Savage on October 04, 2017 | Chicken Money

Is there an $$ amount limit on savings bonds that can be in a living trust?

Terry Says

An individual can purchase no more than $10,000 of Series EE bonds and an additional $10,000 of Series I Savings bonds in one year.  Since a Revocable Living Trust uses your social security number, that is the limit that can be purchased under any one SS number in a year. If you've created a RLT and want to rename the bonds in the name of the trust you can do that, without limitation.  The limits apply only to the annual PURCHASE of bonds.  Click here for more information on that subject from the Treasury Dept. BUT, and as an aside, I don't know why you'd be buying more Savings Bonds these days.  They have re-worked the adjustments on them to make them a rather unattractive investment -- even compared to money market funds!

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