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Living Will

By Terry Savage on October 25, 2016 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Can Living Trust forms be obtained on-line or must I go to an Attorney?I don't have much, but I want to keep what I have for my later years. Can you assist? Thank you.

Terry Says

Your question had a headline "living will."  That is a simple form that you can get online and it tells your physician and family what your end-of-life wishes are.  If you do not want extraordinary measures taken to keep you alive, this is the form that describes your wishes.  Be sure to give a copy to your doctor and next of kin. BUT, in your question, you asked about a Revocable Living Trust.  That is a completely separate document and should be prepared by an estate3 planning attorney in your state.     It is like a will -- in that it gives directions about what you want done with your "stuff" after you die (or if you are incapacitated).  But none of those instructions will do any good if you don't re-title major assets like your house, or investment accounts in the name of your new RLT.  Your lawyer will help you do that.  Before you meet with an attorney, think about all y our assets, whom you want them to go to -- and who you will name as your successor trustee to carry out your wishes.

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