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Lockbox contents

By Terry Savage on March 26, 2024 | Wild Card

We would like to have every thing organized in one place for our daughter in case anything should happen to us.
We are uncomfortable with giving her the paperwork to keep at her current home so we discussed putting her on a lockbox at the bank. Is this a good idea and what should we include (I have a list of instructions as well as our wishes and other important documents). Thank you for all that you do.

Terry Says

Start with this: It’s my Personal Financial Organizer and here is the link to this 4-page document.

YOu can fill it out online, or print out as many copies as you want in blank, and then fill it out. It will serve as your checklist.

You’ll notice that one of the questions is about where is your safety deposit box, and the key, and who is allowed to access the box. You might keep jewelry or other valuabales there, but I recommend putting the estate plan, cemetery deed, insurance policies,etc in a metal storage box at YOUR home, telling your daughter where they can be found.

Safe deposit boxes are typically locked when the bank sees a death notice, although if she is the co-owner of the box and has a key, she might have access. But probably better to store these things –AND your Organizer info –in a place at your home where she can gain acess.



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