Ask Terry Questions Making money from scratch

Making money from scratch

By Terry Savage on May 08, 2014 | Wild Card

Hey Terry, How’s it going? I hope all is well. I have four questions for you, are there any laws to money? How do you make money when you have no money? What are the do’s and don’ts of money? And what is the best way to invest money to create wealth when you have no money?

Terry Says:  Well, those are big questions — but fortunately I wrote the answers in my book:  The Savage Truth on Money.  If you go to my website it will cost you about $10 plus shipping.  So there’s the first lesson:  You can’t make money without money!  The first step is to get a JOB.  Then spend less than you earn.  Even if it’s only a few dollars a week that you save, it all adds up.  And that is lesson #1.



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