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Market Timing

By Terry Savage on September 05, 2015 | Investments

Hello Terry,
It’s a pleasure to be able to ask you a question. I admire your expertise. We all know the sayings about “Market Timing” and “Time in the Market” and what have you. Simply put however, I’m one of those who has had my deferred compensation money in a guaranteed fund making very little lately, but of course, not losing any money. I’ve been actually waiting for this “correction” with the hopes of getting back in and making some money if you will. Would you suggest to get back in sooner, rather than later, or does this “correction” still have a ways to go in your opinion? Thank you for your time!

Terry Says:  Honestly — I have absolutely no idea!! My best solution is to “dribble” a little bit into the market on a regular basis over a set period of time — and stick to the plan (depending on your age, stage of life, of course — keeping some in the safe “chicken money” alternative)..  That way you’ll never be “all right” or “all wrong”!  And you can never kick yourself!



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