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Maturing CD’s

By Terry Savage on February 23, 2020 | Chicken Money

Over the years we have placed large amounts in “laddered CD’s”, with FDIC insurances, now in my 80’s, if not around any longer , to visit / renew these CD’s, , where to put these funds ?
Looking at the thousands of ETF’s vs. a standard INDEX funds, within our living trust, so that the remaining Trustor , or Sucessor Trustor can easily manage these amounts ?
It seems that ETF’s would be one answer, but which ones ?
I would think that there are many older , retirees, wondering about this ? And what to do ?

Terry Says

Your question raises some serious concern on my part. You’ve kept your money completely safe inladdered CDs. Now you want to move into stock market ETFs or Index funds where you could easily lose half your money ina bear market??
You talk about not”being around” to manage your laddered portfolio of CDs. But taking on more risk isn’t the answer.
Have you created a Revocable Living Trust usingan estate planning attorney? Have you changed the title on all your band accounts tothe RLT? If so, then when you are no longer able to make devious aboutrenewing those CDs, the successor trustee whom you have named will take over.
Please do not let anyone talk you into any other investments. If you are still a bit confused, please send me an email with your phone number to



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