Ask Terry Questions medicaid benefits and extra care for Mom

medicaid benefits and extra care for Mom

By Terry Savage on March 15, 2015 | Wild Card

Hi Terry,
Mom is 85yo,is a 24 hrs cares. She has custodial cares w nightcares and day cares, but there are still some times we our family are in a bind. If we offer to pay cash for these caregivers to stay a bit longer or to come in a bit earlier, is there any problems w this appropach. Mom lives w me and my husband. both of us working and have young kids. does this compromise my mom’s medicaid benefits ?.Thanks.

Terry Says:  I don’t see why additional care provided by family members would impact Medicaid benefits.  Is Medicaid providing the in-home care?  It’s pretty unusual that a state Medicaid program would provide round the clock care for a senior at home.  If, on the other hand, she has long term care insurance that is paying for the care, you could get into some trouble by offering cash to the caregivers.  Typically, they are employed by a certified agency, and have committed not to take cash or any other benefit — but to run all payments through the agency.

By the way, since you are providing most of her support, you can likely take Mom as a dependent on your tax return.  And in case anyone hasn’t said so, you will go straight to heaven for doing all of this for your mother!



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