Ask Terry Questions Medicaid nursing home /home ownership

Medicaid nursing home /home ownership

By Terry Savage on March 15, 2024 | Wild Card

My sister-in-law and husband own a home and her husband may likely need to go on Medicaid and enter a nursing home. Is there any advice for my sister-in-law and protecting their home? their home is their only asset.

Terry Says

Read this:
I am assuming you live in Illinois. Each state has its own exemption list.
In Illinois, home equity up to $688,000 equity value is considered exempt — especially if the spouse is residing there.

As well, as of 2023, The community spouse can keep one-half of all non-exempt resources owned by one or both spouses with a maximum value of $109,560. All non-exempt resources of both spouses are available to pay for the costs associated with long term care.

Amount of income community spouse may retain: The amount of monthly income the community spouse may retain for self-support has been reduced to $2,739. Income in excess of this value is available to pay the nursing home spouse’s care costs.

It’s complex, so I might suggest you see an elder care attorney. In Illinois, I always recommend Kerry Peck at (855) 328-5787. She will need some other documentation including a health care power of attorney, and perhaps a new estate plan.

If you’re not in Illinois, go to — the website of the elder care attorney bar, to search for one near you.



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