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Medical Bill from Cancun

By Terry Savage on February 17, 2024 | Wild Card

My father went to Cancun last year and had a seizure. He was transported to the hospital from the hotel. After 7 days in the hospital he was released and flew home with an private MD escort, the private MD escort was seperate from the hospital, my Dad paid $6500 to get home as well as pay for the MD’s travel expenses. Anyway, The hospital has sent me an itemized bill in spanish showing a total of $159,000 for the stay. His insurance has paid their max, of $100,000 ($50,000 for his med supplement and $50,000 from his travel insurance). The hospital is requesting the $59,000 remainder. What will happen if my father doesn’t pay? The hospital charged $6500.00 for the ambulance alone! When i questioned that I was told “About the prices of ambulance, this are the prices that they handle in Mexico specially in this tourist areas where at times they are rural areas or any other special circumstance”. Can they go after him legally if he doesn’t pay the remainder?

Terry Says

I researched this topic and don’t have a definitive answer for you. First, though, it’s wonderful that he had travel medical insurance. And that’s a warning to others.

Mu guess is that the hospital was well paid via the insurance, and will likely let this drop once they realize they can’t squeeze any more money out of you. Or you could say you don’t have any money, but offer to settle for $5000 and a written release from all future attempts to collect.
It would be expensive for them to sue your dad to recoup the balance.



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