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Medical bills

By Terry Savage on August 31, 2018 | Wild Card

I have a 75k dental bill in my very near future – I’m in my mid 30’s. Any suggestions on how to pay for this without being in debt for the next 100 years? I appreciate any help.

Terry Says

OMG — my first suggestion is that you get a second opinion on the costs of this procedure. Have you checked into dental clinics at major teaching hospitals where the procedure might be done by a student, closely supervised by a teaching dentist?
Second, assuming you have no other assets, since this procedure sounds like it is “life-saving” have you considered contacting public aid programs in your area, or asked the provider if they do “pro-bono” work or can offer you a significant discount?

Please do this first and then write back with your research. Do you live in the Chicago area? If so, perhaps I can refer you to one of the major teaching facilities. This just doesn’t make sense to me as a financial issue, before you deal with the medical issues involved.



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