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medicare advantage plans

By Terry Savage on October 16, 2021 | Financial Planning / Retirement

where can I learn about the Medicare Advanntage plan ???? I’m confused….how can you have 0 premiums and coverage..??? Is there a large deductible to pay prior to coverage ?? I’m 83 and have medicare coverage and AARP united healhcare plan G…..should I consider switching ??? where can I find real answers ???

Terry Says

I’m just about to write a column on that subject. Those television commercials look so enticing!!
Medicare Advantage — all-in-one plans are managed care. Once you’re in, you have to use their hospitals and physicians and approved meds.

That’s ok when you are basically well — but what if you want to see a specialist or a doc outside their network? Then YOU have to pay extra — a lot extra.

Yes, they advertise that they will cover hearing and dental, and even rides to the hospital — for the one payment you make. And since Part B is no longer taken out of your SS check, it makes the monthly check look larger. And you won’t need Part D for drugs, either. Or your supplement.

But ask yourself how they pay for all those television commercials — which are expensive??? By getting you to drop Part B, and your supplement — and sign up for “managed care” under their program. They get a government reimbursement, and hope to pay out less than they receive per “member.”

Do you think that’s the same “care” you’d get if you had the right to choose your own docs? Which docs sign up to be part of these managed care programs? Likely not the best specialists!

Managed care works — until you want to manage your own care. Then you’re stuck.
More details in an upcoming column.



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