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Medicare Advisor

By Terry Savage on January 21, 2020 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Hi Terry,

My question is, I am tuning 65 in September 2020 and would like to know if you have any recommendations regarding advice around Medicare, Medicare Supplement plans, etc. My wife is 6 years younger so we will need to buy her Insurance until she reaches Medicare age. Also, I have a great Post employment Healthcare plan form my company that has low deductibles, copays, etc. to insure my wife and will serve as secondary insurance for me ( However it is expensive). I am looking for an Advisor that will help me navigate through Medicare and Healthcare Premium costs for my wife, deductible, copays, coverage, etc. with Medicare and Medicare Supplemental plans, and insurance for my wife. Do you have any recommendations on how we can get the information to make decisions?

Terry Says

There is only one group I recommend: Diane Omdahl is the expert I always use for my books and columns. And I’m always astounded at how much she knows — and how tricky this is! They charge a fee, but I’ll bet her advice saves you many times over the cost of a mistake you’d make on your own!

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