Ask Terry Questions Medicare – Medigap and effect on residence relocation to another state

Medicare – Medigap and effect on residence relocation to another state

By Terry Savage on March 29, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I am retired, live in Illinois have Medicare F and BlueCross of Illinois. If I relocate to another state do I need to get another Medigap plan?

Terry Says

As long as you stick with traditional Medicare and NOT Medicare Advantage, you should be ok. But be sure to change your address with Social Security (even if you’re using the same bank account) and Medicare and with your Supplement and Part D. Also, I know that when you change your address, your supplement might cost more, depending on care costs in the state. If they try to “switch” you to their policy for that state, make sure you still have Plan F — the original, first, and best plan. They will try to switch you into Plan G, the current best one offered to new enrollees. Don’t fall for it!!

Adn while we’re at it, be sure to change your will or estate plan to one crafted in your new state of residence, change your voting place, change your drivers license, and give up your homeowner’s exemption in your previous state of residence. If you’re moving to a state with a low or non-existent state estate tax, you’ll want to be able to prove this is your new permanent residence!

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