Ask Terry Questions Medicare Open Enrollment Comment

Medicare Open Enrollment Comment

By Terry Savage on November 25, 2019 | Wild Card

I read your article about Medicare Open Enrollment. Most people sign up for Medicare when they turn age 65 even if they are still working and have coverage at work. There is one important factor that many people do not know or understand. If you sign-up for any type of Medicare at 65, even if just signing up for Part A and you still continue working at a company that allows you to contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA), you lose all eligibility to contribute to an HSA. For that reason, even though I am turning 65, I am not signing up for Medicare while I am working and receiving group benefits (Medicare creditable coverage) from my company. When I retire, I will then stop contributing to my HSA 6 months before I retire because Part A is 6 months retroactive. Is this your understanding? Thanks.

Terry Says

You make a very good point — and space limitations in my column did not allow me to include that! But it is in my new edition of The Savage Truth on Money! Thanks for taking the time to write.



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