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Metro Mile Auto Insurance

By Terry Savage on February 13, 2020 | Wild Card

You brought up this company on a recent WGN morning segment. I researched as much as I could and the concept is IDEAL for us – would save us $400 a year on a fixed income. However, the reviews are rife with sad stories about customer service and claim response. I checked with my current carrier’s “Milewise” program and they obviously don’t grasp the concept. Metro Mile is VERY tempting but ………….????????
I really enjoy your WGN segments! Thanks for your thoughts.

Terry Says

I spoke with the CEO of this company. Please do try it if you think it will work. And if it doesn’t — or if you have ANY hassle whatsoever — please write back to me and I will make sure it gets fixed! I personally think it’s worth a try.



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