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Minimum Required Distribution

By Terry Savage on February 16, 2016 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I have a 401k and an IRA. At age 70 and a half, can I take a distribution from one account to satisfy my total RMC for both accounts.

Terry Says:  Are you still working?  If not, I would suggest rolling your 40l(k) into an IRA.  Here’s a link to my recent column, which may have triggered your question.  And the reason I bring this up, is that although you can take a RMD  (Required Minimum Distribution) from only one IRA to satisfy the requirements, some company 40l(k) plans insist that you take a MRD from their holdings.  That may not be enough to satisfy your entire required distribution, but they may not let you roll the account into an IRA until you take the distribution if you have reached age 70-1/2.  Check with the 40l(k) plan provider before you make any plans for distributions.



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