Ask Terry Questions Missing stimulus check for daugher

Missing stimulus check for daugher

By Terry Savage on June 27, 2020 | Wild Card

My daughter is 25, graduated college in spring 2018. Based on her 2018 tax return, this would have made her not eligible for the stimulus payment, but she was no longer a student in 2019 and worked the entire year. She did not file her 2019 tax return until early April, right around the time that the stimulus payments started going out. We thought that at the time they were processing those payments that they would have had to look at her 2018 return and based on that she would not be eligible, but once her 2019 return was filed, shouldn’t her records have been updated and a stimulus payment sent? She has never received anything. Thanks for your insight on this.

Terry Says

It has nothing to do with being in college — and everything to do with whether YOU declared her as a dependent on your 2018 return! That’s what they checked first. And if her SS# appeared as a dependent on your 2018 return, they passed her over.

If she filed her own 2019 return and was NOT a dependent on your 2019 return, she might have a chance next year, when she files her 2020 return, to dispute the lack of a stimulus check for 2019, and claim it on her 2020 return. We will see what they decide about those situations.

Now, if you did NOT declare her a dependent in EITHER year, then she still has a chance of getting a check based on her own 2019 return. That would come in the months ahead.



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