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Money investment

By Terry Savage on June 07, 2019 | Wild Card

If you had $100.000 and your 60yrs old where would you invest it?

Terry Says

Sorry, that’s not a fair question!  I’d need to know a lot more about your circumstances to give you advice.

For example:  Do you have any debt that you’re paying high interest rates on?  If so, then pay it off.

Or, are you reasonably wealthy but alone  — and thinking that some day you will need long term care? If so, consider investing part of it in a combination Life/LTC insurance policy?

Or is your life well-planned, and secure — and this is just “extra” cash that landed in your lap?  Then maybe take a trip and see the world while you can enjoy it!!

Your question is like telling the doctor you have a 102 degree fever — but not telling your age, other health considerations, or any history!  You’ll never get good advice that way!




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