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Mortgage foreclosure

By Terry Savage on August 25, 2013 | Housing / Real Estate

My home is in the early stage of foreclosure, just because we were short on one payment. The company who is holding our mortgage (which is a nightmare to work with) has also refused to accept our on-going payments, which we can make. We have applied for a modification and the Illinois Hardest Hit program. We have been declined the modification because we make money. My husband earns about $95K and I work 10 months earning approx. 20K. Our home is worth $350-380k. We owe about $190k on our mortgage. We cannot refinance nor do I think we can get the equity out of our home to reinstate/modify/refinance our loan because our credit is poor. We have no intention on moving or selling. So I’m hoping you can provide me with some answers and options. Sincerely, M
(If you would please respond privately.)


SAVAGE SAYS: You did not provide your email address. Please write to me on my personal email,? and give me more details about who is foreclosing, and I will try to help. But do it this week, as I will be away for two weeks after Labor Day.



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