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Mortgage refinance

By Terry Savage on November 21, 2015 | Housing / Real Estate

In 07-08 I was fighting stage 4 cancer. Thank God survived. Went back to a great job but they then went bankrupt. Without another job, I filed early (62) for SS., and then had to myself claim bankruptcy. I fough hard with my mortgage lender to re finance my loan so I would not loose my house. Took me a year but I succeeded. Of course I don’t understand much of what was offered at the time. It was all done via fax & phone. Never met anyone. Recently I found out that once I pay down to a certain amount I will have to pay the balance of $15,000.00 all at once or take out another loan. It also seems that since having the mortgage for 10 yrs, little or nothing of the principal has gone down and it looks like I have two mortgages now. Is any if this making sense to you, because I understand none of it.
Ms. Savage, thank you so much for taking the time to review this mess for me.
With much regard, Carole

Terry Says:  Yes, sadly, this is making too much sense to me.  I’m guessing you had an interest-only loan with a 10 year balloon payment.  And now it’s coming due.  Let me refer you to my mortgage refi expert Leslie Struthers of If anyone can figure a way out of this situation, she will be able to do it.  Contact her by email: or just call her at 312-379-3526.



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