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Mortgage relief/assistance

By Terry Savage on November 22, 2020 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

Work in the restaurant business. My income has gone from approximately $2000 a week down to $250-$300 a week. My lender offered me forbearance but in three months wont have $5700. We will start spending our savings next month. Heard you on WGN but only part of the show about mortgage assistance. I’m trying to get unemployment for reduced wages but that’s only a maximum of $484. I’m also a Navy vet, if there is any programs that you can help me with would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Terry Says

If you don’t own the business but are still employed, you will have difficulty in getting unemployment benefits. If you are a self-employed 1099 worker,then you should have already applied for unemployment under the PUA (self-employed) program. But you’re right — that won’t be much.
If you own the restaurant, there will soon be another round of PPP help for small businesses, I’m sure.
Now, I assume you are talking about your home mortgage (not your restaurant business mortgage). The program I was discussing to help those behind in mortgages (inIllinois) is now closed –and only have of those who applied will be helped.
Right now, and until the end of the year — and hopefully after that — there is a forbearance against evictions. We only have a few more months to go before the vaccine will make Covid a thing of the past. So ask your lender to hang in there (not much else they can do right now) and hope that Congress gives us some kind of stimulus package in the next two months. You’re not alone, and that’s for sure.



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