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mortgage help

By Terry Savage on December 09, 2013 | Housing / Real Estate

i had jp chase for my loan on my house I applyed for a modifcation and was denied the federal one so they gave me one through there company the interest rate is over 7 percent it was two years go back and forth with them saying they didn’t get are paper work. Now they have sold are loan to someone else. Can we still go back on them and we are behind again

Terry Says: Send me an email at  I will be the only one to see it.  Describe your situation more clearly, and give me your loan number, and your property address, and let me know who now is contacting you re the loan.  Under their recent agreement with the government, they are going to make extra efforts to help people in your situation.  So do it quickly and I will pass it on to the appropriate person at JPM/Chase.   BUT — do it clearly, with property address, loan number, full names on the mortgage, dates, etc —



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