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Moving our account closer to home to get closeup advice face to face.

By Terry Savage on January 26, 2020 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Hi Terry,
About twelve years ago you gave me excellent advice about selling bonds from an inheritance. Money has been at large brokerage house since under my watch. I find I am ready to relinquish that and have an advisor close by. Looking for some of your sage advice.

Terry Says

It’s not the distance that matters: it’s the cost! What is that brokerage firm charging you for just maintain your money? Are they suggesting regular trades, on which they make commissions? Are they paying you “enough” on your free money-market balances? Those are the issues that confront you.
I don’t know whether it is an IRA or after-tax account. And I don’t know your age or financial situation — ie how far you are from retirement, how much you have saved, your goals, your budget, your obligations. Those are all the things that a Certified Financial Planner will discuss with you. BUT, not all “financial planners” are alike. You need a FIDUCIARY CFP — one who fully discloses all fees and commissions (preferably a fee-only planner) and who promises IN WRITING to put your interests first.

Find one close to you at Wealthramp.com — where only carefully vetted, CFPs who meet those criteria are allowed to be registered.



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