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My ira portfolio

By Terry Savage on June 03, 2019 | Investments

Terry, we are both in our mid 70’s with 62% in equities 26% fixed income / preferred with 6% alternatives plus misc.
we don’t need to live on our ira but want to protect for kids. I’m thinking I’m over exposed on equities with current conditions. Your direction would be very appreciated.

Terry Says

Well, you’re already at the point where you are forced to take RMDs from your IRA.  So you probably want to have at least 25 percent in cash so you aren’t forced to sell stocks to take those distributions.  It’s terrible if you want to keep your stocks and must sell to get cash for distributions.  But if you’ve chosen good companies with good long term prospects — and named your kids as beneficiaries,and told them to keep the money growing in an inherited IRA after you pass on — then your long time horizon will be well-served keeping some money in stocks or equity mutual funds.

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