Ask Terry Questions My mom passed away

My mom passed away

By Terry Savage on March 12, 2024 | Wild Card

where to start.. My mom passed Feb 1st. I am not the executor of her estate due to her not filing properly. I am owner of her checking account. Before I new I wasn’t executor I was paying her bills. As it always seems to be money changes things. I wasn’t planning on being reimbursed cause I was just paying my mom’s bills. Should I ask for reimbursement. The executor is my mother’s late husband’s daughter. Everything started fine until it wasn’t. I gave them cash for things they paid for when we had to get her home cleaned out . I didn’t document it because again everything was fine. My mom was going to give my son her car.. in the beginning no problem! Now the car is worth 15k.Ok! no problem.. I will buy you out. I know that alot of this is about things.. I just miss my mom. What should I be reimbursed for? Since we are going that route now. Thank you for your time.

Terry Says

Wait a minute. Have you actually seen her will, naming this woman as executor? If she is handling money the will should be in Probate Court– open for everyone to see.
Google “probate court” in the county in which your mother died. Then search for her will.
You should easily be able to find it. And you will also be able to find the name of the lawyer who created the will.

If they did not put the will through probate, but just started taking stuff, they are committing a crime! Tell them you spoke with me, and I suggested that you contact the state’s attorney. If this doesn’t shake things loose, then please write back to me.

If there wasn’t a valid will, filed with the state, then they could be facing jail time for criminal theft. Please do write back to me and let me know what happens. I’ll be thinking about you. You be strong. Your mother would want you to take this action.



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