Ask Terry Questions My mom’s Will

My mom’s Will

By Terry Savage on July 19, 2019 | Financial Planning / Retirement

My mom has a will leaving all possessions to her four children equally however the house on in her name only. Would this have to go thru probate to distribute?
Thank you

Terry Says

Your mother should see a qualified estate planning attorney to create a Revocable Living Trust.  That can spell out her wishes, just like a will.  You’ll  have to transfer title to the house to her RLT — but there are no tax consequences and it’s easy. Then her named successor trustee (she handles everything while she is alive and competent) can step in to distribute her assets according to the wishes spelled out in her trust.  There would be no reason to go through probate, which is costly and time-consuming, if you get this done right.   Don’t procrastinate!

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