Ask Terry Questions Where did the kids money go? Divorce info needed!

Where did the kids money go? Divorce info needed!

By Terry Savage on October 16, 2018 | Wild Card

Im in the process of a divorce. I am trying to find out how much money my husband stole from my 3 kids bank accounts. The one account was started in 2006. The bankers say there is no way to retrieve this information. My husband also threw out their passbooks.

Terry Says

What you need is a better divorce attorney!
The first thing you need to check is the tax returns from all those years that there were accounts. Any income or dividends would be reported on the tax returns (which you probably signed, so your attorney should already have them). It will be easy to backtrack from there and find the specific accounts.
You need to know how the accounts were “titled”. Do you have any paperwork? Were those accounta listed with your spouse’s name as “custodian” for your minor children? If so, he committed fraud by using the money for himself. If you have any basic info to go on (and you must because you know the accounts existed) if things get tough your attorney can ask the judge in your case to have your husband produce them.

If there’s a lot of money involved you really do need an attorney who knows what’s going on! (Call me for a recommendation if you live in Chicago!). And by the way, that line about”your husband threw away the passbooks” is total BS. Banks haven’t used passbooks in 30 years! There is a computerized record of those account somewhere — you just need a better approach.



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