Ask Terry Questions Need a financial advisor for daughter

Need a financial advisor for daughter

By Terry Savage on December 29, 2013 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I am 85, just diagnosed with acute leukemia. I think my own affairs are OK, but my daughter who lives in a Milwaukee suburb is going to need help in managing what she inherits. This will be a house worth about 200K, plus several hundred thousand in asset. Any suggestions on a financial advisor? Thanks for any help you may give.

Terry Says:  I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis, and I am impressed that you have things in order.  You are very wise to try to set up at least one advisor for your daughter.  I  am going to recommend a good friend, who is a financial planner near Milwaukee — She is someone you can trust completely.  I suggest setting up a meeting with the three of you, as soon as possible. And given your situation, I’m pretty sure she will make it at your location, at your convenience. Here is her info:

Margaret Wittkopp

VERITAS Financial Services, LLC

Registered Investment Advisor

506 E Mill Street, Ste 101, Plymouth, WI 53073

Phone 920-893-5262

Fax 920-893-5689



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