Ask Terry Questions Next recession and bear market?

Next recession and bear market?

By Terry Savage on May 29, 2019 | Investments

I’m retired. Should I get out of equities.

Terry Says

Well, that’s a direct question!  I’ll ask you a question:  How much of the money you have in the stock market can you afford to lose??

If your answer is “nothing” — then this might be a a nice time to get out — especially if you are getting on in years.   If you are still in your sixties, then you might want to keep abut 40 percent of your assets in a well-diversified mutual fund.  In your seventies, less in stocks.  But that all depends not only on your age — but how much extra cash you have outside your stock investment account to carry you through the rest of your life.   But you can’t stick it out if you need that money to live on

You don’t want to be forced to sell in a panic.  In my lifetime I’ve lived through four bear markets that each brought the averages down by close to 50 percent!

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