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No landlord

By Terry Savage on November 13, 2018 | Housing / Real Estate

hello Terry my question is my landlord has been missing for 1 year anf I haven’t been paying any rent and the building is behind 4yrs in taxes I was wondering could I buy the building for taxes

Terry Says

Well, technically speaking you are “squatting” in a building that could be foreclosed at any time! (And they might not be too nice about giving notice.) I’d suggest you get a property tax attorney to look into this. In fact, though she is definitely not in this business, contact Andrea Raila & Associates (312-587-9494) in Chicago (my go-to expert on the property tax system). At least she can look up the info for you and find out if the building has been sold.
I’m just wondering why the electricity and heat are still on if you and other tenants aren’t paying rent! Beware of losing your personal possessions to an instant eviction!



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