Ask Terry Questions No stimulus for new grandson

No stimulus for new grandson

By Terry Savage on July 17, 2020 | Wild Card

I do my daughter/S-I-L taxes every year on Turbo Tax. They received their $2,400 stimulus money. They did not receive the $500 for my grandson who was born August of 2019. Obviously he was not on their 2018 taxes, but of course was added on the 2019 filing. Is this $500 something that will eventually come, or do we need to do something to apply for it?

Terry Says

You will file it as a claim against taxes owed when you file their 2020 return next spring!
But if there is another stimulus round, it will be based on 2019 filings — so in that case the grandchild would get a second-round stimulus –if all other preconditions remain the same. The next round hasn’t been determined yet.



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