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Non cashed check

By Terry Savage on January 06, 2024 | Wild Card

Hi. Recently I found -$15k check from Bank of America about 2 years ago. (I was cleaning out a drawer). The plan was to deposit at another bank. I was tired of the intrusive employees at BOA. Unfortunately I misplaced the check. BOA says that the check is no longer valid after 6 months. BOA told me they have no idea where the money went. Should I consider hiring an attorney? Thank you for your column.

Terry Says

It’s entirely possible that the check could have been declared “stale” after 6 months. Do you know who “made” the check? Was it a company where you still have an account? The people to question are the ones who originally sent you the check. It’s difficult to think that you can’t remember who sent you $15,000! Contact them, let them know the check was lost –and ask them to make good, if it is still sitting in an account.
If they deny any knowledge, I think you’ll have a tough time getting an attorney to squeeze them just on the memory of a once-found, now-lost paper check!!



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