Old Coins

By Terry Savage on March 21, 2015 | Wild Card

Years ago you wrote a column in the Sun Times about old coins and recommend a dealer in Chicago. I lost it and am now in need of somebody to look at a collection.
Thank You

Terry Says:  In Chicago, I always recommend Harlan J. Berk at 31 N. Clark, and ask for Bob Greenstein.  For those who live in other cities, go to the website of the American Numismatic Association (www.Money.org) and they have a search feature for registered dealers in each community.  You have to sign up with your email address, but don’t worry about that.

If you are taking a coin collection to be assessed, and you suspect there may be some real value in these coins (everyone hopes, but likely not!) then you might want to make a listing of the coins, and sit there while they are appraised. Ask in advance the fee  for an appraisal (usually negotiable) and whether it would apply against any sales.   The most important thing is to go to a reputable dealer.



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