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old US savings bond

By Terry Savage on November 04, 2015 | Chicken Money

My mother recently passed and while going through her desk we found a bond made out to me for my Confirmation Day April 1977 Series E $25.00 From my Godparents at the time Trouble is, it’s obviously made out in my maiden name and says “or” to her name and SSN. Questions: I realize it’s not worth too much but nevertheless I don’t want to lose it! But do I have to find my old SSN card w my maiden name to prove who I am? And is it too late to cash it in? When I went to my Chase bank, there were two new employees who didn’t seem to know how to help me at the time but I know you can! I would like to send you an image but I figure you probably know.

Terry Says:  I think that bond is from the days before they carried variable rates, so it is probably only worth the $25 face value.  But there is one way to find out for sure.  Consult the savings bond expert, Jackie Brahney at www.SavingsBond.com.  (This is a private website, not the government site.)  She will show you how to find its value, and how to cash it in!



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