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Online Banking Fraudulent Transaction

By Terry Savage on March 24, 2023 | Wild Card

My US Bank online checking account had an unauthorized external transfer for $4,900. I noticed this within hours and had my account locked, and immediately filed a fraud claim. The bank is refusing to reimburse my loss or tell me where the money was sent. I have sent a complaint with documentation to The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau but have not yet gotten a reply. I also filed a police report. Are there any other resources you may recommend to help me?

Terry Says

Yes, immediately call 800-CALL-FBI.
But if you do not get this money released (and it is happening more and more that fraud claims are denied), please write back to the email you receive announcing this post.
Give me your name, phone number, and a good time to call.
Also keep track of your contacts at UBS when you talk to them.



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