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Online Banking security

By Terry Savage on January 02, 2019 | Wild Card

Which do you think is safer for online banking on an iPad? The app or the internet site? Lately when I try to access thru the app it tells me that the data network is busy or unavailable ( happens most of the time). But I have no problem when going thru the website. Are both equally secure? Thank you.

Terry Says

That all depends on whether YOUR internet connection is secure!  If you are sitting in Starbucks and long on to their WiFi, then it is NOT a secure connection.  I have never, every used a WiFi connection outside my home to access any of my financial accounts.  (The one exception is a secure app like Mint.)  I know others will chime in about accessing password-protected public  WiFi on a secure basis, but I avoid that in abundance of caution.)

Also, it sounds like you may need to update the banking app that is on your iPad.  That’s likely the reason you’re getting a denial of connection.  Go to the App Store and check for updatews.



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