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Past Taxes

By Terry Savage on October 27, 2019 | Economy & Taxes

Hi Terry – We are un financial ruins. We have not filed taxes for 2016, 17 or 18. We owed in ’15 and we were audited for ’13 and now owe past taxes for then. I need help please. Thank you

Terry Says

Whew. This is a tough one. You need professional help. I don’t know where you live, what state, but I just googled “haven’t filed taxes” and came up with a slew of “tax-help” companies. One that impressed me was TotalTaxInc.com. But check carefully with several of these services, comparing the fees (typically a percentage of what they save you in taxes). These companies have a “system” of dealing with these issues. You could also consult an enrolled agent, or CPA. But I’d give one of these services a try first.
You are likely to owe a lot — not only in back taxes, and interest, AND penalties! But a competent advisor may be able to work a deal with the IRS, to settle your liability, and get a “fresh start.” A lot depends on how much you will owe. BUT GET GOING. I know it is scary, but the longer you wait, the more expensive and painful this will be!
In fact, please write back and let me know what’s happening. I’ll be thinking of you!



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