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Paying off equity line of credit (second Mortage),

By Terry Savage on July 22, 2016 | Housing / Real Estate

I had a $50,000 (elc). I’ve paid it down to $11,000.
The bank caught me at a bad time 2010 and charged me 11.49 % interest. I have the $11,000 stashed away interest free. My question is, should I pay it off or continue to pay the $258.39.
Please advise

Terry Says:  Well, I don’t like to see you use up ALL your cash, but it would be a great time to pay down at least half of the balance.  Maybe at the same time you could refi the balance into a new 15 year mortgage on your home, adding the remaining second mortgage to the balance.  Contact Leslie@guaranteedrate.com.  She’s my go-to contact at GuaranteedRate.com.  She will look at all your financials and see if this is do-able.



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