Ask Terry Questions pension fears cause retirement?

pension fears cause retirement?

By Terry Savage on February 10, 2015 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I worked for a company for 20yrs. Then they shut down I’ve been working at another company for 10yrs and turning 55 yrs old.some people at first company said I should start taking my retirement while it’s still there?

Terry Says:  Wait — I don’t quite understand your question.  Did you have a pension plan or 40l(k) at the first company where you worked?  If so, it is protected by law.  But you need to make sure you have all the documentation.  Actually, the same applies to your current company — if there is a corporate pension plan or 40l(k).  Both are protected by law — even if the company files for bankruptcy.  So please write back and explain your question.

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