Ask Terry Questions Planning for retirement withdrawals

Planning for retirement withdrawals

By Terry Savage on October 17, 2014 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I am 62 years old and up to now, I have $35K solely in the Fidelity Freedom Fund 2025 because I am planning to begin withdrawing as required by law at 70 1/2 with MRD. I am neither a straight conservative but not fully aggressive investor, somewhere in the middle at my age. Would you suggest retaining my investment in that particular fund or can I do better by diversifying in 2,3,4 fidelity funds at this time?

Terry Says:  Fidelity Freedom Fund IS a diversified fund, investing in many other Fidelity funds.  But you are still very exposed to the stock market.  It’s hard to give you any recommendation without knowing your full financial situation.  Fidelity offers a retirement income planning service, using individual professional advisors.  They will look at your entire picture, including future income (from Social Security, pension) and also at your other savings (bank CDs? etc) and make some investment recommendations for now — and help you start thinking about a withdrawal plan in the future.  Ask about this — but don’t just go to the local office, call the toll-free number and ask for their retirement planning service.   Since you have money there, there should be no cost.

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