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possible usury

By Terry Savage on October 12, 2016 | Financial Planning / Retirement

My husband was a union member for 34 years until he retired early with an "earned" disability. Though I had always worked, I found myself without a job at the time. Because my husband was unsure of how long it would take for his first Social Security check to come in, and the bills were still coming in, he decided to opt to receive an extra $500 per month from his union for 8 years (which is when his Social Security kicked in). This was to be repaid monthly in $1,000 increments via his pension check. My husband has been retired for 14 years now and $1,000 is still being deducted from his pension check every month. It is our understanding that this money will be deducted as long as he receives a pension check. I know he had to sign some paperwork regarding this, and I realize the necessity to recoup the union's money before the retiree dies. In this instance however, it seems to me that there should be a point when this loan is considered paid in full or risks becoming usury. Though we don't expect a refund, since the loan has long since been repaid, is there any way to make the withdrawals stop?

Terry Says

This is VERY unusual.  Contact the union and get the answer in writing!  Do you have a copy of the original agreement?  You certainly are within your rights to get the paperwork you signed on this.  And if you get back to me with their response, I will be happy to connect you with an attorney who specializes in employee benefits issues.  So please  follow up with me here.



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