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possibly forged POD

By Terry Savage on July 16, 2023 | Wild Card

A POD was brought to my
x-husband’s bank. It is more than likely that his signature was forged along with the date. It was supposed to be for his caregiver to pay his last bills and take care of him. No bills have been paid. The caregiver allowed him
to sit in his own excrement. The house was filthy. He was taken to the hospital with sepsis and never regained consciousness. His daughter was informed only when he admitted to ICU. He died a week later. The caregiver then withdrew $243,000.00 dollars from my
X-husband’s bank accounts. No bills have been paid, of course.
The police in this small town have been called in but neither the bank or police will try to question this caregiver, and I use the title loosely, or her husband. There is no video footage of my x-husband going to the bank. He has 2 blood relatives, his brother & his daughter. His daughter is receiving his bills. There was NO will. His daughter is awaiting Power Of Attorney to be awarded by the court. What can she do to get to the truth of this matter and recover
this money. His daughter has hired a probate attorney. Completely gone through this house he owned, cleaned and hired ldumpsters to get rid of all the filth.
All at her own cost. My x-husband has been cremated and his ashes spread as he wished. No one in this small town will help.

Terry Says

Call the FBI immediately. This is also bank fraud. Dial 800-CALL-FBI. If you don’t get a quick response, please write back to the email you receive, saying your “question has been answered”. And I will connect you.
This is disgusting!
In fact, please write back with all the details, the bank involved, ever detail you can give me, contacts at the bank, the name of the police chief in your town who did not investigate, and I will personally pass it on to the FBI.
Just put everything into that email.



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