Ask Terry Questions Posting your Rant, as Requested!

Posting your Rant, as Requested!

By Terry Savage on June 10, 2020 | Wild Card

Dear Ms. Savage,

We don’t have a question, but we do have a rant
that we hope you will read. Hopefully, you can
refer to our rant when you speak on the radio
or at different public speaking engagements.

For as long as we can remember when we heard
you and other “financial” people on the radio/TV
people would ask questions like,
“How do I financially get started ?” or “What’s the
best financial plan to follow ?”. You and almost
everyone else would say “save 6 months worth of
“chicken money” for an emergency”.

Well, the pandemic IS the emergency they should
have been saving for.
My wife and I have done our due diligence to save
this money since the day we were married.
Now, people want the government to bail them out
which means I’m going to have to pay for it through
taxes even though we had our 6 months of
“chicken money” saved up.

Now, we are not naive enough to think that 100% of
all people can save this emergency money, but I
believe that 60% of them could have saved it if they
had the discipline to do so. So, obviously, you see
why we’re aggravated and frustrated with our fellow
Americans. During the pandemic we are A, D & D
(ashamed, disappointed and disgusted) with the
people who are “takers” and not “givers”.

Thanks for listening,
Some loyal listeners



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