Ask Terry Questions Property Tax Assessments Assessed Value went up a lot with no comps

Property Tax Assessments Assessed Value went up a lot with no comps

By Terry Savage on May 17, 2018 | Housing / Real Estate

Dear Ms. Savage, I hav seen your segments on WGN many mornings and I thought I would reach out with a question. I just received my property tax assessment notice - and my assessed value went up dramatically - like a 30% increase in one year! As I would love for the numbers in there to be true - I am quite convinced that just isn’t the case. The last time I got one of these notices, I had just refinanced my home and had an accurate appraisal of my property and brought that to the assessors office, filed a form with their office and they reduced my bill back to the actual assessed value of the home. This new tax assessment comes with no sample comparable properties to justify the values that they are assigning. And they included a note that “Due to the uniqueness of my property, there are no or very few comparable homes within my neighborhood code.” What I should do now? Get another appraisal? Or should I reach out to a property tax lawyer? Thank you in advance.

Terry Says

Yes, I think you definitely need a property tax attorney.  Since you're in the Chicago area (WGN watcher!), I'd check with Andrea Raila.  I've known her for years -- long before she ran for assessor.  She will be able to help.  Her number is   (312) 587-9494.



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