Ask Terry Questions Property tax deduction in 2018

Property tax deduction in 2018

By Terry Savage on December 25, 2017 | Wild Card

Since the SALT deduction will be limited to $10,000 if I itemize for my 2018 federal taxes, I am considering prepaying my property taxes. I live in Cook County. Can I prepare a particular dollar amount (say $1,500) or do I have to prepay the full 1st installment? I didn't have my property tax PIN handy to ask this question to Maria Pappas' office.

Terry Says

Pay the entire first installment if you have the cash.  It's easy to find out the amount. Just go to  You can look up your bill using your address and easily pay online.  You DEFINITELY want to get as many deductions on 2017 as you can. And this one is easy!



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