Ask Terry Questions PUA — getting back benefits

PUA — getting back benefits

By Terry Savage on July 12, 2020 | Wild Card

I am a freelancing editor with a about $2,000 per month revenue and everything stopped on mid March 2020 due to the pandemic, I tried to get on IDES website to apply for $600 per week assistance but was rejected due to the website was not equipped to handle it, it was too early for the design of theonline application.

I have found a part-time job since then, the income is much less than my freelancing job with a weekly income about $350. Can I still get the $600 per week assistance formy freelancing self-employment job? for what kind of period and duration? and how to apply? the IDES website and IDES phone takers are not user friendly.

Terry Says

So you were denied traditional unemployment when you applied back then? Yes, you can file for the back weeks of PUA. That is going to take time to sort out, though, since you are working now. The IDES is instituting a new “call back” system, so you should be able to talk to a person in coming days. I suggest filing for PUA, then getting some kind of result — perhaps limited because you are now earning — and then you will be in a position to appeal for the back payments. Do it NOW before the $600/week expires, further complicating efforts to get back payments.



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