Ask Terry Questions purchase of gold as investment

purchase of gold as investment

By Terry Savage on August 09, 2015 | Investments

Please let me know if Gold is a viable investment. I have heard that it’s more stable than stocks or CD’s thank you.

Terry Says:  To the contrary, gold is a volatile investment — and for the past two years the volatility has been mostly on the downside!  Gold is a speculation — or a “hedge” against inflation, the loss of value of paper money.  But right now the dollar is “king” – and investors around the world want to hold dollars, despite our long-term debt problems. When that changes, when the Fed starts “printing” money to pay all our obligations to Social Security, Medicare etc — then you will see gold soar.  But that could be many years down the road.  If you buy now, you will have to be very patient waiting for your big score!



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